Middle class families denied £2,000 nanny allowance

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Parental Choice was quoted in the Telegraph’s article “Middle Class families denied £2,000 nanny allowance” published on 7 February 2014.

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“Sarah-Jane Butler employs a nanny for her two girls aged 2 and 4 while she runs a child care website Parental Choice advising families and large employers on childcare options said parents were “cheesed off” at being left out of the allowance despite being formal employers.

Increasingly her clients have expressed frustration that the rebate is being denied to them despite providing important job opportunities for nannies and getting themselves back to work.

She said: “This is just average families, parents, who need to be at their desk by 9 so can’t use other childcare, so they get nannies which costs them a lot of money”.”

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