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Something quick just before the weekend…

Today I had one of those moments where I wondered if it should be mandatory to apply for a licence and take a test of competency before becoming a parent!

We moved house recently and my three year old son hasn’t slept through the night since we moved in despite being a champion sleeper usually. Last night he managed it for the first time so I actually got a very welcome full nights sleep. He crept into my bed this morning at 6.30am and asked to play a game on my iPhone. I was so pleased with him I said yes and then just enjoyed laying there watching him.

In the dim light of the phone I noticed a bit of dirt on his cheek and thought I’d pick it off. So I did! Turns out it wasn’t a bit of dirt but a scab that proceeded to bleed all over my white pillowcase. He was most annoyed with me and insisted on going to a school with a Transformers plaster on his face and telling everyone that Mum “made him bloody”.


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