Employment Contracts

In order to comply with UK law, you are required to have an employment contract with your nanny within 2 months of their start date. This must comply with current employment legislation. At Parental Choice our £95 nanny contracts are tailor-made to your needs. This includes:

  • A bespoke nanny contract (including three drafts to reflect any amendments or comments you may have).
  • On-going legal advice that you may need in relation to employing a nanny, such as redundancy or maternity leave, for the duration of your nanny’s employment.

For further information on employment contracts, please see our FAQs on employment contracts.

If you wish to proceed, please register on our online portal and complete our Nanny Employment Form and we’ll have the first draft ready for you with the minimum of hassle within 48 hours.

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For more information on nanny employment contracts read our FAQs.

Nanny Employment Contracts

All nanny employment contracts should set out the starting salary for your nanny. This can get complicated as you will need to specify if this is gross or net salary; whether it is hourly, daily, weekly or monthly; whether it is paid in advance or arrears; when it is paid and finally whether the you will operate PAYE and make National Insurance contributions on the nanny’s behalf.

We can work all of this out for you and provide the payroll service to act on your behalf with HMRC and provide the payslips for your nanny. Find out more about Online Nanny Payroll and register today.

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