Nanny Payroll Services

Parental Choice provides parents with a full range of nanny payroll services, at a reasonable cost, to help in the employment of their nanny.

Once you have completed the form and transferred the payroll fee, we can have everything set up for you with minimum hassle within 48 hours.

Nanny Payroll Services - Parental Choice Ltd

What is a nanny payroll service?

When a parent wants to pay a nanny a wage, it is necessary for them to add Income Tax and Employee’s National Insurance Contributions (“NICs”) to the nanny’s net pay to find the nanny’s gross salary. In addition a parent will have to pay Employer’s NICs. To manage the payment of Income Tax and NICs a Pay As You Earn (“PAYE”) scheme needs to be set up. PAYE is the system that HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) uses to collect Income Tax and NICs from employees’ pay as they earn it. Our nanny payroll service sets up the PAYE scheme for you and administers the calculation of Income Tax and NICs leaving you with the final amount of net salary to pay your nanny.

What nanny payroll services can we provide?

We will not only set up the PAYE scheme and register you as an employer with HMRC, but also provide monthly or weekly payslips to you so that you know how much money is due to your nanny each month. If there are any changes to be made to your nanny’s salary whether it be sick pay, maternity pay, nanny salary change or a change of address, just contact us directly and we will sort it all out for you.

Prior to every quarter date of 5th January , 5th April, 5th July and 5th October, we will send you a quarterly statement setting out the Income Tax and NICs (both on behalf of employee and you as employer) that is due to HMRC with a summary of the quarter showing every salary amount you paid your nanny in that period. The amount due includes Employer NIC & Employee NIC and Tax.

We will submit an annual return (P35) to HMRC summarising your payroll figures for the year on your behalf and prepare a summary for your nanny (P60) of their pay and the tax that has been deducted from it in the tax year. If your nanny stops working for you during the tax year, we will provide her with a record of your pay and the tax that’s been deducted from it so far in the tax year (P45). This summary includes her tax code and reference number, her National Insurance number and her leaving date.

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