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Pay and Benefits
Rate of Pay *

If hourly or weekly rate, at what frequency will the employee actually be paid?

Pay Frequency Weekly Monthly

If hourly rate, will the employee be paid

Actual Hours Standard Amount

Please note that the minimum wage from 1st October 2012 is £6.19 per hour gross OR £4.98 per hour for
employees who are 18 – 21 years old



Monday From To
Tuesday From To
Wednesday From To
Thursday From To
Friday From To
Saturday From To
Sunday From To

If hours are ad-hoc and non-predictable, please state schedule below:

Pay Date *
Sick Pay * SSP Only Additional Sick Pay

If Additional Sick Pay to Statutory Sick Pay entitlement, please state below

Maximum of
  Days Weeks

sick pay at normal rates to be paid in any rolling 12 month period before moving to SSP only



Holidays * weeks paid holiday per annum

From April 2009 this is a minimum of 5.6 weeks for ALL employees who work 5 days a week for 52 weeks of the year

Our contracts follow the usual convention that the employee chooses 2 weeks and the family the remainder – Please state otherwise below for a different arrangement

Normally commences on the first day of the month in which employment commenced. Alternatively you can specify a month for the year to run from.

Holiday year Start Date *

Additional Benefits

Car Usage

We assume that the employee will have use of the employer’s car
during woking hours. If this is not the case please state below:


We assume that you will not wish to operate a pension sheme
If this is not the case please state below:

Health Insurance

We assume that you will not wish to provide a health insurance plan.
If this is not the case please state below: