Parental Choice launches new Asia-focussed operations

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With a long and successful track record of assisting corporations in supporting and retaining valuable staff members, the timing is right for Parental Choice to launch a new Asian branch to their operations based in Hong Kong that will be focussed on assisting family relocations through dedicated orientation, school search and childcare support services. This new Asia-focussed business division builds on the successes that Parental Choice has had over the last seven years in assisting high-level corporate relocations within the EU.

With the shape, distribution and loci of world business constantly evolving, together with corporations’ needs to fully utilise and develop a global workforce, the families of globally mobile employees will always face challenges and they need the right support.

This is where Parental Choice comes in. Parental Choice is the perfect value-add partner to assist with all the finer details of employee relocation. Small and agile enough understand each client family’s individual needs, with staff who have personal experience of international family relocations – and all the stress, upheaval and uncertainty that the process entails.

Yet Parental Choice is big enough to have a global network of consultants who have direct personal experience in international family relocations – and as a result have a real passion in smoothing the process for the families they support.

Having relocated internationally a number of times – both with and without children in tow – I can attest that the orientation and relocation assistance offered by Parental Choice is invaluable. While the larger relocation companies excel in logistics, the specialised and highly personalised orientation and school search service offered by Parental Choice allows for a relocation to be a much easier, happier and less stressful experience. It was vastly easier to re-establish ‘normal life’, my husband was able to focus on his new role immediately and our family has settled into our new home.” – trailing spouse to global finance executive

For more information, please contact the Parental Choice UK headquarters on +44 20 8979 8453 or contact the Hong Kong Director through the Asia website: or at Parental Choice (Asia) Level 8, Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Island East, Hong Kong.

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