Parental Choice reveals European expansion plans

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Parental Choice reveals European expansion plans as they branch out their family focused relocation service into the financial heart of Europe.


Parental Choice, an established provider of specialist childcare support solutions for working parents, has extended its childcare search and selection services network into Frankfurt, to support family friendly corporate relocation and successful global mobility programmes.

News of their childcare search service growth follows the company’s successful collaborations with corporates who they have already helped to implement family friendly policies across the UK. It is also in direct response the current economic outlook and rising demand from companies looking for a trusted, personalised corporate mobility services when relocating employees and their families into Europe.

Sarah-Jane Butler, Managing Director and Founder of Parental Choice, explains the value behind her relocation service expansion into Germany’s financial district: “It may seem straightforward to move an employee and their family to a different country, but making a success of relocation is about so much more than logistics.

She continues: “It is easy to underestimate the positive impact that supporting working parents can have. We have built successful working partnerships to help corporate clients across the UK offer best practise employee relations with regards to supporting and retaining working parent talent, allowing them to combine long-term careers with childcare.

We help to ease the upheaval of uprooting families relocating overseas and build a fresh support network with minimum stress. There is no need for large expensive tick-box gestures; rather understanding the particular stresses and pressure points that affect employees with children, such as travelling with infants or finding the right childcare, can generate a huge amount of goodwill and loyalty. A little goes a long way.

The main childcare challenge that relocating families face is the lack of knowledge of the country and area they are moving to. Standard relocation services will help find a house and a school but what parents really need to know is their options, as well as how the admissions process works and where one can find good trustworthy babysitters.

In addition, most standard relocation services do not deal with the relocating children who are below school age. If a family has a baby and a toddler, it will need to know about nurseries and if both parents are working, they will need to know about childminders or nannies and how to practically sort out such childcare for their children. Parental Choice can look after all these aspects.”

Parental Choice’s expert childcare team has been working in partnership with companies and helping parent employees for over five years, in a variety of sectors including Law, Retail and Financial Services. The new European service network launches in Frankfurt and offers a complete childcare search & selection support solution, including comprehensive insights into all the childcare opportunities available within the region.

We believe branching out our support services by expanding into Europe comes at exactly the right time for organisations looking to enhance their support for committed working parents employees and who are looking at extending their services across multi-site locations.”

For further information, please contact Sarah-Jane Butler or Stephanie Rough on  +44 (0)20 8979 6453 or email

About Parental Choice

Parental Choice Ltd provides expert childcare support solutions for working parents and family friendly employers helping to implement flexible, family-focused policies in support of a healthy workforce and business. They provide a one stop shop to help working parents find the right childcare whatever a parent’s needs, relieving the stress and taking the hard work out of the search.  Parental Choice offer full guidance on every available option from a nursery or childminder, to au pair or school, helping parents make informed childcare choices that work for their career and family.


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