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Guest Blogger: Hushna Choudhury from Healthy Investment

The first thing I did after my son Cian was born? Take out a savings plan for him with Healthy Investment. Why did I do that? Was it because of the high cost of university fees? Maybe it’s the almost impossible costs of buying a new house? Perhaps even paying for the insurance for an 18 year old boy racer? Nope to be perfectly honest I was behind on my targets because of my maternity leave (alien situation for me) and as Head of Sales at Healthy Investment I had to do something about it………… I used my newborn son.

Some of you might think this is a bit extreme but actually I had grown up with these kind of plans – my mum had done one for me and my sisters and it was my friend Nicki’s dad that used to come and collect the premiums. So you might say I knew of these plans all my life, I suppose I did but before joining Healthy Investment I, like many people, didn’t think they existed anymore. So again the first thing I did when I joined Healthy Investment was to persuade my mum to take one of these out again. I couldn’t – I didn’t have enough money but I managed to persuade my 70 year old mum that she should have a 10 year savings plan, fortunately mum agreed and next year her endowment is going to mature, already worth much more than she has paid in. She’s ecstatic and so am I – the money was coming from my bank account and this is going to stop next year…….. Yippee!!

So going back to Cian – his policies will mature when he’s 21 – nice age I think……… erm I hope! And to top it all off I’ve got one maturing in 2015 and I have promised my other half we are going back to Hawaii minus the boys to go swimming with dolphins……mmmmmmmm bliss!

FYI my mum told me about my little savings plan so I cashed it in early and went to the States with it, but I was very upset when my sisters’ ones matured because they got more money!! Damn should have listened to my mum.

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  1. Emma Blears

    Its true I didnt do anything with my child trust fund until about 2 years after it was placed automatically in a savings account for me, It was only when I had a letter to say that Healthy Investments are the one it was sent to that I did some reasearch and looked into savings plans have I realised how important they are and will be. What with uni fee’s and how hard it is to get onto the property ladder, saving for my son and my teenage daughter anything I can do now to ease some of the burden for when they get older.

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