Pint size Superheroes

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I’ve always thought that my kids are pretty special (don’t we all) but this week I realised that I have actually bred bona fide superheroes!

In the last seven days my two chilren (who are both under 6) have moved countries, said farewell to their Dad for the next 8 weeks, coped with serious jetlag and, to top it all off, on Wednesday they started new schools. How have they coped with all that you may ask. Absolutely brilliantly would be my answer. I am completely amazed at the resilience they have shown. They are laughing and playing and acting like they’ve been here forever and their positive attitudes have definately made a difficult week much easier for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that in¬†difficult times it’s very easy to get swept away in worrying about how children will handle things but the truth is they will often cope better than you.

So, to my own special Spiderboy and Supergirl, to me you are superheroes and weeks like these make all the difficult days, broken nights and general naughtiness fade away.

I only hope they think I’m Supermum!

Have a great weekend!

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