Childcare - Clair Maskell

Planes, trains and automobiles…

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Childcare - Clair Maskell

Guest blogger Clair Maskell is with us again this week.

I don’t drive.  The thought of it petrifies me and the fact that I don’t drive gets my husband’s  goat just a tad, but although I am a little limited as to the things I can do with my daughter, I am fully aware of the benefits it gives her too!

When I worked in a nursery a few years ago, we were covering transport within our planning and I sat down with the children discussing transport and who had used a car, bus, boat etc. Out of 23 children, I was shocked to discover that only one child had ever been on a train and only two had ever used the bus. All of them went most places in the car.  I was determined that when I had children myself, although the car would be a main mode of transport, any child I had would be proud to say that they had been on a range of types of transport!

We tend to walk most places, either with my daughter walking too, or in her pushchair depending on the distance. But, in her two years of experience, she has ridden ferries, buses, trains and tractors and going on the bus is something she gets very excited about!! Even though the bus journey isn’t always pleasant for the parents ( I have had several pushchair related issues on the buses!!) children do enjoy the different aspects of travelling in a range of ways. There is so much to learn about and discuss with your child when on other modes of transport, especially as you can give them your full attention, without needing to concentrate on driving.  When she was smaller a bus ride was a great way to get my baby to sleep!!

There is so much emphasis these days about greener, healthier living and although we do use the car on weekends to take our daughter out, the fact I cannot drive to me is a little way of doing my bit for the environment!! OK, so sometimes when it is pouring with rain, I do kind of wish I wasn’t so scared of the concept, but I am keeping my daughter healthy and giving her so many different experiences as well as saving a lot of money!!

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