Price List

Employment Contract Services £95.00
Payroll Services – Monthly Payslips £200.00
Payroll Services – Weekly Payslips £240.00

All prices are as at 1 July 2016 and are subject to the comments below.
All prices are inclusive of VAT and are for a minimum subscription period of 12 months.
Services can be combined or individual depending on your needs.



Included within the standard charge of £95.00:
Bespoke employment contract drafted to the Client’s individual requirements. This includes three drafts.
Initial legal advice regarding employment obligations.

On-going legal advice in relation to the contract throughout subscription period.

Amendments to the employment contract throughout the subscription period.


Included within the standard charge of £200.00 for monthly payslips
(£240.00 for a weekly payroll):

  • Register you as an employer for PAYE with HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”)
  • Liaise with HMRC and answer all letters and phone calls from HMRC on your behalf.
  • Calculate gross pay from net pay or net pay from gross pay.
  • Provide Monthly payslips
  • (Weekly payslips can also be prepared and will be sent in advance, one month’s worth at a time. Clients are advised to provide monthly payslips and not weekly payslips.)
  • Provide a payslip summary each month.
  • Provide details and full payment guidance in respect of all tax and NI payments to HMRC to allow tax and NI payments to be paid directly by you.
  • Handle any Sick Pay.
  • Deal with any Maternity Pay and reclaim.
  • Calculate holiday entitlements.
  • Provide telephone support and advice on any employment or pay issue.
  • Provide P45 if employee leaves.
  • Submit Annual Return – P35 and P14 (if required). We will file the Annual Return online as required by HMRC.
  • Provide employee with P60 at year end.
  • Referral to a dedicated insurance provider for employer liability insurance.
  • Deal with your pension obligations

Additional Costs:

In the event that a nanny has two separate jobs for two different families, we will arrange tax allowance splits where appropriate and sort out the tax planning. Such tax planning will incur an additional cost of £120 inclusive of VAT to be split between the two employers.

In the event that the employee is provided with taxable benefits, we will provide such employee with a P11D at year end and submit it to HMRC at an additional cost of £50 inclusive of VAT.

Payroll reprocessing because of client error or late notification is included with the standard charge for the two instances of client error or late notification. Thereafter £20 inclusive of VAT for each instance.

All prices and services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Parental Choice Limited.

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