Corporate Services

At Parental Choice, our corporate employee retention services can help you add to a diverse retention benefits packages by offering the family-related benefits your employees need as well as employee wellbeing to promote a relaxed work environment and promote productivity in the work place.

Diversity and Inclusion

Parental Choice helps to create a more diverse workplace through assisting employees through working life solutions.

Parental Choice will help your organisation:

Close the gender pay gap, reduce staff turnover and encourage staff to return after paternity/maternity leave. Our service helps to improve diversity, create a motivated workforce, attract new talent and improve employee focus on work, which in turn will increase productivity.

Benefits and Rewards

When it comes to employee retention, corporate benefits are essential. The job market has changed vastly, and to compete, employers are focusing on staff retention to keep their top talent. If a staff member feels valued and enjoys a variety of benefits, they are much less likely to look for another job.

Talent retention is vital to any business; you want your best employees to stay to ensure high productivity, continuity, and the flexibility for you business to react and pivot towards change. While the salary can attract the best talent, there are lots of other ways to help attract and keep your employees.


Parental Choice’s expertise and advice help secure successful long-term childcare arrangements for employees.

The Parental Choice team can advise you on all aspects of offering childcare-related benefits and provide ongoing support.

Our clients range from small businesses to corporations with large numbers of staff. With our employer supported childcare services, you get a benefits package that will help retain employee talent while promoting a better work-life balance.


If your elderly relative requires home care services, and they need to employ someone to help, then we can help in a variety of ways. Your relative may need elder care to help with a loss of physical ability or a decline in mental health. Your in-house care may also need to aid in the management of a short-term illness or a long-term illness.

Parental Choice will identify care homes in your chosen search area that match your requirements. You can get started by downloading and completing our registration form, and our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help and explain the processes for you.

Family Global Mobility

At Parental Choice, we provide global relocation services for families to make a move go as smoothly as possible. If you are considering moving, our global mobility services can help with everything involved in international or domestic relocation.

Parental Choice is working with companies, families, and educational establishments in the UK, EMEA, and APAC. If you are relocating for work or other reasons, our global mobility expert team can assist you. There are lots of things to do when it comes to relocating, and using a global mobility consultant will make sure everything is ready for you in your new location.

Wellbeing Programmes

Retaining employees ensures your business remains competitive and saves you on the costs of hiring new people. Our extensive range of talent retention and employee wellbeing programmes create an environment that benefits the whole team and works at an individual level.

We will work with you to identify the best employee benefits for families that your business can offer. Our services will help:

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Create a motivated workforce
  • Attract new talent
  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Increase self-care leading to lower anxiety, stress, and depression rates
  • Alleviate employees non work-related pressure

Contact us to talk about how our services can assist your employees.

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