Parent, City Law Firm November 2017

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“As a new parent, the thought of childcare seems so far away in those early months. The prospect of having to enter that otherwise unknown world was a daunting one for my wife and I, especially as we didn’t have any sort of benchmark to compare to. Thankfully, I was able to tap into the services of Parental Choice via my employer benefits scheme and had them perform a childcare search in my local area. To say this was helpful would be an understatement. It opened our eyes not only to all the services and options available but it gave us insight into the things we should be looking for in terms of quality and suitability to our needs. In addition to this, I was able to attend a number of the presentations organised by Parental Choice both at my place of work and elsewhere in the City – which has helped me to build a network of other parents at a similar stage of parenthood. A point which can often be overlooked but is so important.”