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Sometimes I get caught up in how busy my life is. Trying to juggle children, a house and a career by myself keeps me (and probably you) really busy and sometimes I forget about the people I’m really doing it for, my children! I’m ashamed to admit that some days they just become another job on the the list of things I have to take care of. I feel bad about this but it happens more often than I would like.

Then I have moments when they remind me just why they are so worth the time and effort that I put in to keep all the balls in the air so I thought I’d share this little one with you.

My five year old daughter has recently started at a new school and it is affiliated to a local church. We are not a religous household so this is the first time she has really been exposed to prayers and hymns and the such. She came home from school last week and wanted to teach me how to say a prayer before we ate dinner. I duly bowed my head, listened to her few words saying thank you for her food and then watched her put her hands together and very solemnly say “Old Man”. Fighting to keep the laughter in I asked what she just said only to be told “you always say Old Man at the end of a prayer Mum, didn’t you learn that at school”? I have finally managed to convince her that the correct term is “Amen” but it took some doing.

This is about the fifth time I’ve recounted this story in a week and it still makes me smile so thank you little girl of mine for reminding me of how awesome you are.

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