The benefits of an Ofsted registered Nanny

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Gues blogger Emma Dewey from BabyEm is talking about the benefits of a nanny being registered with Ofsted and how to make that happen.

The Ofsted register:

In 2007, The Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR) replaced the Childcare Approval Scheme (CAS). The arrangements means that all childcare (in England) can be registered by Ofsted, if they meet the requirements.

Ofsted operate two registers: the Early Years Register (EYR) and the Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR). Since September 2008, provision for children up to the age of five is required to register on the EYR, unless exempt, and provision for children aged between five and seven is required to register on the compulsory part of OCR, unless exempt. The exemptions apply to childcare provided in the child’s home such as nannies and babysitters, plus childcare in an activity-based setting such as sports coaching or homework support and tuition.

Requirements for nannies registering on the Voluntary Part of the Childcare Register:

The voluntary Ofsted childcare register is suitable for any nanny who is caring for children aged 0-17 years in the home of the family for at least 2 hours a day or less than two hours where the childcare provided is part of arrangements that start or end before or after normal school hours.

 Nannies who would like to become registered with Ofsted can join the voluntary part of the childcare register as long as they meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Nannies need to hold a recognised childcare qualification (level 2) –  such as the Common Core Skills & Knowledge training.
  • Nannies are required to complete a Paediatric First Aid qualification
  • Nannies will need public liability insurance

Babyem training for those wishing to register with Ofsted:

Babyem deliver the Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training and First Aid on a monthly basis in Central London (distance learning also available for the Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training) please see below:

Length of the registration process:

How long it takes for a nanny to register with Ofsted is largely dependent on how long it takes for the CRB check to be completed. This usually takes between 6 -8 weeks.

Benefit for nannies?

For nannies registering on the voluntary part of the childcare register it demonstrates their professionalism, commitment to development. We have also seen a significant increase in the number of adverts for nannies who are Ofsted registered.

 I do believe all nannies should have a first aid certificate, have completed a childcare course (ideally accredited to ensure standards are high) and have a valid CRB to ensure they are safe to work with children. These are also key requirements of the Ofsted application.

Would their charges and employers benefit?

Parents who employ an Ofsted registered nanny can  claim tax relief on their childcare costs.Current charges for registering with Ofsted are: Registration currently costs £103, which includes the cost of a CRB check. The current annual cost of renewal is £103.

More information for those wishing to regiser with Ofsted:

For more information regarding the Ofsted registration, please contact them by telephone on 0300 123 1231, or email: or visit their website at

Babyem Courses:

What is the Common Core Skills ?

The common core describes the skills and knowledge that everyone who works with children and young people is expected to have. The six areas of  expertise in the common core offers a single framework that ensures professional standards are maintained across the children and young people’s workforce.

In addition to the 6 common core skills areas, Babyem also covers subjects such as Knowing your Rights, Contracts and CV’s.Candidates can opt to receive a certificate of attendance or formal childcare qualification at level 2 or 3 accredited through Open College Network. Courses take place on a monthly basis in central London as well as being available online.

Paediatric First Aid

Courses take place in central London on a monthly basis.

More information regarding Babyem courses can be found at, call: 0208 986 9008 or email:

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