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Our guest blogger Claire Maskell is back this week talking about the benefits of really laughing with your kids!

Let’s admit it, as much as we love our children, they can really know how to
push our buttons! It can leave us stressed, agitated and often at the end our
tether!! That is why at least once a day, I make time for my daughter and I
have the opportunity to have a laugh!

Laughter can be such an ice breaker…….it can stop the most intense tantrum
and cheer up the grumpiest of toddlers!! I am sure making children laugh was what
mostly got me through working in childcare, as there is nothing so satisfying
as the sound of a child’s chuckle! The most important thing is to let go of
your inhibitions…..get dressed up, do a silly dance or pull silly faces, it
really does make such a difference!! Don’t worry what you look like to others,
the importance is to have fun with your child! Have a laugh at your own

Laughter is a proven stress reliever (and these days even children get
stressed!) and relaxes you. It connects you with your child, as you laugh at something
together, you find a connection! Laughter has even been known to boost your
immune system, hence the saying that it is the best medicine! Many people use
laughter therapy to help them through stressful events in their lives too.

The best thing about laughing with a child is that their sense of humour is not
at all complex. In fact, it can be quite simple to make a child laugh! Babies
are the easiest, as rude noises or silly faces can do it in an instant……as
for toddlers, well my daughter finds that people falling over or things landing
on people’s heads the most funniest thing ever! Slapstick humour is definitely
the way to go with youngsters, I find!

So the next time that your child is driving you up the wall, try and relieve
the situation with a little comedy. It doesn’t need to be a stand up routine or
a comedy sketch, but the benefits of a little laughter can bring you closer,
make you happier and make you feel fantastic!!



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