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News letter 2It’s the first Monday in January and the whole country, including me, is finally back at work after the Christmas break.

Someone, however, forgot to tell my child’s school who have decided to have a teacher training day today. Whilst I am usually very grateful that they tack them onto the beginning or end of slated holidays today I’m not feeling the love.

After a morning of bribing my two little monkeys to keep quiet so I could work with television, biscuits and carrots (I know it’s strange, but currently it works) they finally reached bursting point and just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. So I’ve given in, packed them and my laptop up and headed to the nearest indoor soft play centre for the last afternoon of the holidays.

This may sound mad for someone trying to work but I’ve barely seen my children for the last hour and I’m able to tune out the ridiculous noise level thanks to plenty of practise at ignoring noisy children. I have all my emails written and ready to send once I re-establish a wifi connection and a few other tasks done that have been niggling me for a while.

So, whilst not an option as an everyday work venue, this afternoon has been a triumph of family friendly flexible working. My children think I’m the best Mum ever for this unexpected treat and my work output has not been compromised by their extra day at home. Tomorrow, however, I will be back in my nice quiet office where my laptop will not run out of battery just as I am……… trying to write a blog!!

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