What to do with your unwanted gifts

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The Christmas decorations have all been packed away and the New Year hangover is a distant memory, but you still have a small pile of gifts in the corner (or hidden in a cupboard) that just weren’t, how would we say it, ‘You’ this Christmas. The bright patterned jumper keeps winking at you, the aroma from the body lotion clashes with your new perfume or aftershave or perhaps the PJs are just a little on the large size.

Here at Parental Choice we’ve looked at clutter and conscience-free solutions to what to do with those unwanted gifts.


Number one on our list is a money-saving tip too. Start (or add to) your re-gifting box. We are sure at some point in the year your child be invited to a party and that double set of top trumps or unwanted book will make an ideal present.

Not so sure the Christmas jumper fits into this category though.

Donate to a women’s refuge

New underwear, pyjamas and clothes plus toiletries and make-up are all gratefully received by schemes such as Give and Makeup

Donations are then distributed to women and children who are escaping violence at home. The scheme also accepts donations of children’s clothes and toys.

Give toys and games to hospitalsPile of toys

The children’s ward at your local hospital would love donations of your unwanted toys, books and DVDs. Many for hygiene reasons will understandably, only accept new, rather than second-hand goods, but check first as this policy may be different in your area. Older children are keen on board games, computer games, DVDs and books. Younger children and babies can be kept happier with bright colourful interactive toys, mobiles and books.


Pile of new books

Books, books, books

The obvious place for unwanted books, new or second-hand is the local charity shop. But have you thought about donating them to your child’s school or a public library? Schools, which are under such pressure with budgets, always welcome books which can be added to their libraries or reading schemes.

Drop off at a charity shop

This maybe the ideal destination for your unwanted jumper! Most of us have a bag ready to take to the charity, or maybe yours is just half-full. Top it up with your unwanted gifts and drop it off. Charity shops accept most new and used items, but please do check with your chosen charity before attempting to drop anything unusual.

If it is toys or children’s clothes you are looking to find a new home for, try some of the specialised charity shops which are popping up dedicated to items for children and babies.

Keep someone else warm

Spare blankets and warm coats are sought after by charities who are looking after the homeless through the winter, and charities who are helping refugees on the continent. Many vans make the trip to Calais from pick-up points around the UK to drop off life-improving supplies to refugees across Europe.


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