Where did she get that from…..

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I was checking my Facebook account a few days ago and came across this post from my best friend..

I laughed a bit and then forgot about it but it came back to me yesterday after a particularly frustrating afternoon with my daughter.

I’m often told how much she looks like me and, at the risk of sounding arrogant, there are many positive traits to her personality that I can see she gets from me. I always get a nice feeling of pride when I notice those things.

But what about the things that make steam come out of my ears? Where does she get those from? A good indication is the fact the my Dad often calls her by my name, he feels like he’s stepped back 30 years and when I complained about her behaviour to my Mum all she could say was “back at you” before sniggering!

So on the days that she talks to much, gives me attitude, or just thinks that she knows everything best I need only look in the mirror to see where she got it from and I wouldn’t have her any other way. I love my mini-me (and my little superhero but he’s a story for another day)!

Would love to know who taught her to pull silly faces at the camera though!!


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