Work:Life Balance is important – fact!

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Work:Life Balance is important – fact!

Parental Choice consider employees to be the most valuable asset to any business. So, we were interested to read research published at the end of last year which indicated that nearly a quarter of employees in the UK are showing a low intent to stay in their current role.

The research by Gartner* states that 23% of employees showed a low intent to stay with their current employer. This is a rise over the past 12 months, when it was last seen to be just 10%. Now the UK, at 23% is 10% higher than the global average of 13%.

What is to blame for this? Is it Brexit?

Apparently not. When asked, employees ranked work:life balance, job location and stability as the top attributes when considering an employer.

“Business leaders have a lot on their plates, but the data shows that employee retention is a much bigger challenge than perhaps expected,” says Brian Kropp, Group Vice President of Gartner’s HR practice.

“Employers need to think about not just how they are attracting talent, but also how do they keep their best workers.

“In the past, many companies wrongly assumed that a huge pay check was what mattered most to workers. Whilst being paid what employees feel is a fair amount for the work they perform is important, organisations must also consider what outside compensation matters most to employees and provide those benefits.

“Delivering on the whole package can increase how engaged and satisfied employees are in their current roles.”

So how can Parental Choice help your business retain your employees and increase the intent to stay in your business?

Parental Choice aims to make the lives of working parents as stress-free as possible.

We help find the perfect childcare solutions for families, from help after the birth of children all the way until they leave school.  When working with businesses, we create tailored packages to suit the objectives of the organisation, which in addition to assisting with bespoke childcare searches, includes a programme of talks and seminars for working parents, designed to help them manage their career with parenthood.

We work with corporate teams responsible for HR, d&i, CSR and parent networks and we are confident we can make a difference to your business.  Get in touch with us at or call 020 8979 6453 and speak to Sarah-Jane Butler, Founder and CEO.  Or you can take a look at our website.

Work with us and help your employees tick that work:life balance box.

*Gartner’s Global Talent Monitor report is conducted on a quarterly basis and draws on data from more than 22,000 employees across 40 countries.


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